Baked Bars with Fruits and Nuts for Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. You can make your breakfast healthy for the entire family with a few simple ingredients. Breakfast bars are a great item for children and adults. They are easy to make and take very little time. One of the ingredients that makes these bars so moist is canola oil. This kind of oil gives the bars a soft texture so that they are similar to a muffin instead of a bar. The ingredients include fat free milk, although you can use whole milk if you like, cinnamon, oats and eggs. Other ingredients include canola oil, golden raisins, sugar and chopped pecans. You can substitute dark raisins for the golden ones. You can also use a different variety of nuts instead of the pecans. However, you should chop the nuts before using them in the bars. Baking powder, dried berries and salt are also used. You can use any combination of berries that your family enjoys including cherries and blueberries. You can also add flax seeds to the bars.

Before you mix the ingredients together, you should separate the ingredients into individual bowls so that it is easy to find what you need. Pour the milk in a large mixing bowl. Add the remaining wet ingredients to the milk. Whisk the ingredients as you combine them. You can use a mixing spoon or a whisk to blend the ingredients together. Begin adding the dry ingredients. Start with the sugar, and then add the oats and baking powder. This is also the time when you add the salt and cinnamon. Continue to mix the ingredients together as you add them so that they are blended well. The oats need to be the long cooking oats instead of the instant oats. This will give the bars a better texture.

After the basic ingredients are combined, you can start adding your nuts and fruits. Start with the raisins. If you want to make the bars unique, then add two kinds of raisins. You can use one kind of dried fruit, or you can use two or three fruits. However, if you use multiple kinds of fruit, only add a small amount of each kind so that the bars are not overloaded. Dried cherries are very healthy and a good addition to the bars. Blueberries are also healthy because they have antioxidants in them. You can do the same thing with the nuts in that you can use one kind or multiple kinds such as walnuts and pecans.

Now you are ready to get the bars ready to place in the oven. Spray an eight inch by eight inch pan with canola spray. This kind of spray is wonderful for baking because it has no calories. Pour the mixture into the pan, and spread the mixture evenly. You can use a glass or metal pan to bake the bars. Place the pan in the oven for about 30 minutes. Before placing the pan in the oven, you can sprinkle flax seeds on top of the mixture. Remove the bars from the oven after 30 minutes, and let the bars cool until you cut them. Cut the bars into about nine squares. These bars are very filling in the morning or for an afternoon snack. Wrap each bar individually, and place the bars in the freezer until you want to eat one. Aluminum foil works best when wrapping the bars. Let the bars thaw before eating them. You can also place the bars on a plate, and microwave them for about a minute. They are delicious with fresh fruit or juice.