Grilled Yellowfin Tuna with Lemon and Garlic

Nothing could be better on the grill than tuna steaks. With the consistency of a beef steak, strong, yet natural taste of perfection, tuna is one of the best types of fish for grilling. Natural tuna perfection, mixed with a lemon garlic marinade, and the rustic taste of charbroiled excellence turns yellow fin tuna into a chef’s masterpiece.

To prepare the steaks for grilling, first prepare the marinade. Steaks will need one hour in the refrigerator for marinade so make sure to allot enough preparation time. For marinade chop two cloves of garlic, and shred the zest of one lemon. Mix the garlic and zest together. In a separate bowl mix the juice of one lemon and 1/4 cup olive oil. After mixing well add the garlic and lemon zest blend.

Put tuna steaks in a small square pan. Brush or spoon the marinade on the six ounce steaks. Brush on both sides of the steak. Try to reserve a small amount of the marinade in the bowl for reapplying.

Place the steaks in the refrigerator. Let the marinade sit on one side of the steak for ten minutes before turning. After ten minutes turn, and lightly reapply marinade if necessary. Repeat in ten more minutes. Keep turning steaks every ten minutes until marinade has been on steaks for 60 minutes.

Not only is this a great tasting marinade, but it is also healthy and healing. Garlic has many health benefits. It is full of antibiotic properties, with many people adding it to their diets. It is a great healer to the human body.

Olive oil is also a good choice for health conscious people and may even aid the circulatory system, especially when regularly consuming it. Olive oil has been known to reduce cholesterol levels. That means this recipe is good for the heart.

Tuna itself is recommended for health conscious people. It is a good source of fatty acids, which are an essential part of any diet. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, which has been shown to prevent heart disease.

To prepare for cooking, set grill at 450 degrees and allow to heat. Two different kinds of charbroil heat exist, direct and indirect heat. For the grilled lemon tuna, charbroil under direct heat. This will allow tuna to cook fast. The steaks are a good fish to use to grill as they aren’t likely to fall apart. This is because of their thick and more solid consistency.

Many people grill fish in foil to preserve moisture as fish tends to dry while cooking, and sometimes falls apart. Marinated tuna is the perfect grilling treasure as it cooks rather quickly under direct heat. Lemon and olive oil also provide moisture while cooking.

Place tuna steaks directly on grill rails. Use a grilling spatula to turn, not a fork. Forks will release the juices. Let the steak cook for a few minutes before trying to turn. If steak sticks to the rail it is not ready to turn yet. Spatula should easily slide under the steak.

Let cook until steak lifts easily. Turn and let cook on the other side. Turn frequently so steak does not burn.

Length of time the tuna steaks should cook depends on preference. For those that like steaks medium rare, medium, or medium well, the tuna steak will be cooked in the same way. For instance, those who like a medium charbroiled beef steak, will also like tuna steaks medium cooked.

After cooked to the correct level remove steaks and place on dinner plates. Tuna can be served with a salad and potato if desired. For those grilling extra meats or vegetables it may become necessary to adjust heat and switch from direct to indirect heat during charbroiling. Some may need to be placed in foil. Check recipes to indicate proper cooking methods.

To create a colorful garnish on top of the steaks, combine tomatoes, onions, parsley and basil in a bowl. A favorite spice or sauce can also be added to the garnish for extra flavor. Mix well and put two to three spoonfuls on top of each of the tuna steaks. Garnish plate with lemon slices and basil leaves. Serve with a light wine if desired.