Holiday Bundt Cake Decoration

Holiday bundt cake decoration is a great way to make something special for the holidays. Instead of buying someone else’s creation from a bakery, you can do your own decorating. This can also be a great way to create some gifts for those you love. Many people would rather have something made than bought – and when you learn how to make and decorate holiday bundt cakes, you can do exactly this.

Tools You Will Need

Before you can get into the cake decoration, you have to get some tools to be able to make the bundt cake.

You can choose to use a stand mixer or a bowl and spatula. You will also want a sifter for powdered sugar as well as plastic bags so that you can create icing bags out of them. If you want to blend in some of the nonstick shortening and such, you will also want a pastry brush.

There are plenty of cake mixes that you can buy for producing bundt cakes. Especially around the holidays, you can find a number of flavors – and this includes sticky toffee pudding. You always have the ability to make a cake from scratch, though the mixes can save a significant amount of time.

Holiday Shaped Pans

The best way to produce a stunning holiday bundt cake is to use shaped bundt pans. You can find ones in the shape of a holiday wreath, holiday trees and even mini loaf pans. It’s also possible to use a standard Bundt pan.

The pans will provide the shape you need to get started with the decorating. If you line the pan with enough of the nonstick shortening, the cake will not stick once it is time to come out of the pan. Choose a plate or glass pedestal to do all of your decorating on. When the cake is cooled and ready to come out of the pan, you should be able to turn it over on the plate or pedestal and have it slide out without any issues.

You can then choose to decorate in any manner that you desire. Since the pans have lent a design, you can follow along and keep it as simple or as intricate as you desire.

Decorating the Holiday Bundt Cakes

Each holiday bundt cake design can be decorated in a unique way.

The holiday trees are one of the simplest ones to decorate. You can use powdered sugar inside of a sifter. By sifting the sugar over top of the tree formation, it will look as though the trees are covered in snow. If you opted for a flavored bundt cake, this is all the decoration that you will need.

A standard bundt cake can be iced. Icing can be mixed following any recipe that you find. From there, you can load the icing into a plastic bag and then snip off a corner. You can then drizzle back and forth to create any design that you want. The icing will add flavor to the cake and make it more attractive as well.

When you add food coloring, you want to add only a few drops of color. You can make your own icing by using powdered sugar and milk. You don’t want it too runny or too thick. It’s possible to apply the icing with a dull kitchen knife, too, if you don’t want to use a decorating bag.

If you choose to use a wreath pan or any of the mini loaves that have imprints such as candy canes or snowmen, you can decorate with colored icing or frosting. Individual colors can be loaded into decorating bags with tips on them. This will allow you to “write” on the cake so you can create outlines and color them in. if you need to move some of the icing over or remove it from an area, you can use a toothpick.

The decorations can be as involved as you want them to be. The flavor comes from the bundt cake, so you don’t have to add decorations for the purpose of enhancing the flavor. Instead, you are doing it as a way to make the cake more attractive. The benefit of using the molded pans is that the design is already there. You can incorporate any colors that you want.