How To Carve A Watermelon Keg

Watermelon keg is highly attractive to use in your home

Watermelon is not only famous for its juicy fruit it contains it is highly popular for it benefits in the medical field also. This fruit is available year around all over the world. Many countries cultivating the watermelon fruit in high range. It is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E in it. This fruit can be enjoyable in all the reason due to it availability of the fruit in the market. USA is the leading cultivator of this kind of watermelon in many cities. They use this fruit for much celebration and decorating also recently a model of making a keg with the watermelon fruit is famous due to attractive appearance of the fruit and taste. Many people use skin of the watermelon in the preparation of the juices that is highly rich in the fibber products helps to repair the damaged tissues in the skin of the human body. It makes the skin to glow with the proper proteins and vitamin added in it.


How to make a keg

For this we have take medium to large watermelon, spigot,  twine and straight pins, a dry erase marker, knife, and apple corer then you have to take a channel knife and a bowl and a scoop. Step one take a watermelon and clean it properly on the outer side. Cut the watermelon on both side on the end, make one side to be stable to stand in the table. Using a marker mark a line in a circle manner to cut the watermelon in a proper shape. Using the channel knife cut the skin to make to make a design to have an attractive manner. Next step is to remove the fruits inside the keg is removed with the help of scoop by leaving 2 inch for stability of the keg. After that put a hole in the bottom of the keg with the apple corer, and insert the spigot for the usage of the keg. Finally add details to the cut place in the top of the skin for the attraction using the twins and pin it.  After this add your favourite watermelon juices in the keg and start using the keg in the time of celebration and have different experiences. Using the spigot we can take juices and it will be great experiences to use it.


Benefits of the fruits

This fruits have different benefits in the skin, seeds, and fruit. Total fruit is useful is more useful for the human body. Skin helps to utilize the fibber benefits from the skin of the fruit; fruit helps to collect vitamin C and vitamin E in a high range. Seeds help in making the hair and hair related problem to be solved in the healthy ways. From the ancient days this fruit is highly recommended and used for it medical use. It is prepared any time you need because it is available year around. It is cultivated in most of the countries in larger scale.