How To Carve A Watermelon Teapot

Carving the watermelon tea pot to increase the excitement

People like the creativity in all products, in order to make the things more creative we can use the techniques that is involved in making the product more attractive. Creative is the business trend in which the people will love to use the creative products. Sometimes children will like the creativeness that is done in the product that will make them to buy the product as of now. Likewise the creativeness is playing the big role in making the things success. In case of the food people love to eat the food which is decorated in the creative way.


Many restaurants are making the food in a creative way in which the people will be interested towards the food item that is done in these restaurants. Nowadays fruit and vegetable carving is done in huge varieties, by carving the fruits and the vegetables in an attractive way, the restaurants will make the viewers surprising.

There are many people who will wish to go for the carving classes but they will not have the sufficient time with them. for those people this watermelon carving will teach you the tricks and the tips that are involved in carving the fruits and the vegetables.


Carving the watermelon

If you learn anyone of the carving technique then it’s your creativity to do the carvings in many vegetables and the fruits.  To make the carvings in the watermelon the first thing that you need to do is that you should take the whole watermelon for making the tea pot in the water melon. The things that are needed to make the tea pot is that, small cookie cutter, some tooth picks, melon baller, knife and the paring knife, and the round seedless watermelon.


The first step that is done in doing the tea pot is that take the seedless watermelon and cut it by one and a half inches from the top and with the use of the cookie cutter, cut the center portion of the piece that is separated from the watermelon. The second step is cut the bottom of the watermelon by measuring 3 inches from the bottom. The step third is that using the ice cream scoop, carve the flesh of the watermelon and place in it the separate bowls. For step fourth take the three inch piece and cut it into halves.


The final touch in the tea pot carving

For step fifth cut the second piece of the 3 inch piece and carve the flesh from the outer layer for making the limb that needs to be fixed in the outer layer. Take the one and a half inch piece that is separated from the watermelon and place the tooth picks in a way by keeping the sharp side of the toothy pick to be face upwards. Now take the body part of the watermelon and place it in the watermelon piece which is punched with the tooth picks. Place the limbs in the body part with the help of the tooth picks. The second part of the 3 inch piece can be used as the lid, by placing the flesh watermelon ball in the top which will acts as the holding part. Now put all the balls in the watermelon tea pot and cover the tea pot with the lid. Now the tea pot for carving is done and it can be exhibited.