How To Make A Banana Split With Watermelon

Preparing the banana split with the watermelon

Snacks that are made up of the fruits will increase the eager in the children to eat the fruits. Children will like to eat the snacks but most of the parents will give the oily snacks to the children that will increase the weight in their body. It is a good practice for the parents to use the fruits in the snacks. Most of the children will not eat the snacks because their parents will not make them to eat the fruits. This is the dangerous thing where the children will addict to the fast foods than the healthy foods.


Eating the healthy foods will make the children to grow healthier. Most of the children will not be having the resistant power in them this will make them fall sick often. Eating the fruits like watermelon will make them to stay fresh for a long time. The only supplement for the food is considered as the fruits in which they can be taken for intake as raw. We need not to add up the spices for the taste. The natural sweetness in the watermelon will make the people to eat the fruits with the excitement.


Clubbing the watermelon and the banana

There are many snacks that can be made with the watermelon in which they are delicious and healthy too. To make the combination snack one should aware of the fruit combination that is used in the snacks. Some of the combination of the fruits will not work which leads to watery snack. So make sure that you are choosing the correct type of the fruit for the combination that will help the people to taste the snacks without any fear of dislike.


Banana split with the watermelon is the interesting dish in which the children will be excited to taste the snack. All that you need is the half watermelon, ice cream scoop, sliced bananas, toppings that can be taken according to our choice such as the fresh blue berries, sliced strawberries, chopped pineapple, caramel sauce, crunchy nuts, whipped toppings, and a little watermelon balls.

The preparation is that, take the ice cream scoop and take the flesh of the watermelon and place this scoop in the serving cup. Take two balls like that from the watermelon, place the bananas on the side and use the toppings now. Place the blueberries and the strawberries in the watermelon scoop after that add the caramel sauce in it. now place the whipped topping on the top and drizzle the dried nuts in it. now the banana split with the watermelon is ready to eat.


Serving the banana watermelon spilt

The watermelon and the banana split will be delicious as it has the combination of many fruits in it. The topping that is made in this split will be interesting for the children and the balls that are scooped from the water melon will make the dessert exciting. After making the split make sure that you have added all the toppings in the dessert. This is the interesting snack that can be served as it is. If you want it chill you can serve it chill by keeping the dessert in the refrigerator.