How To Make A Gyro Bratwurst Hoagie

Making the delicious and simple snack without spending more time

Snacks are the special things that is taken after the food or before the food based on the appetite of the person. Most of the people will need to eat the snacks at the same time they need to maintain their body slim and trim. Eating the healthy snacks will make the body fit. Many will think snacks are only made by frying it in the oil. But this is not considered as thebe healthy fact, as the snacks will be taken by the people should be healthy at the same time it needs to be yummy.

Children in almost in all age group will like to eat the fried snacks but these snacks for all the time will not make them healthy, as they are very small and they need to eat the healthy food items to make them strong enough. This is the age in which the parents should give them the healthy food items that will make them healthy and perfect. Bones at this age will be weak and if they fall it will be broken. So make sure that you are providing your children with the healthy snacks.


Healthy and easy snack

Gyro Bratwurst Hoagie is the healthy snack at the same time it can be prepared within two minutes. Most of the people will like to eat the snacks that are prepared in less time. The snacks that are prepared in the less time will make the person to do the snacks with involvement and they will also not feel tired in preparing this recipe. The things that are used in this snack are available in the home and this snack is not fried in the oil.

This snack is considered as the sandwich in which the children and the people from all age group will gain the protein content of the meat. This snack is purely oil free snack which can be taken during the breakfast or as the snack. This will make the stomach to be filled and you will not feel hungry for long time after eating this snack.

The ingredients of this snack are, 1 cup of the sour cream, half a cucumber which is diced like the small cubes, minced garlic, fresh chopped parsley, salt, cracked black pepper, bratwurst one package, one loaf of the French bread. Before preparing this snack pre heat the oven at 350 degree Celsius.


Preparation of the healthy snack

For this recipe first thing that should be done is the sauce, for making this sauce take the bowl and add the sour cream,  cucumber, minced garlic, chopped parsley, salt and the cracked black pepper. After adding the ingredients mix the sauce and cover it. Keep this sauce in the refrigerator. Take the bratwurst and heat it for 15 minutes and slice it after cooling it. Take the French bread and cut it into six pieces. Place the French bread in the pan and place the bratwurst above it and cook it for 5 minutes in the pre heated oven. After the French bread becomes brown add the chill sauce and place the sliced tomato and the onion above it. Then cut the bread into two halves before serving. This will be oil free snack at the same time you will be feeling healthy after eating it.