How To Make Almond Macaroons

Almond is world popular healthy food

It is kind of nut very famous for its nutrition benefits and it have good taste too. Many people add almond in their breakfast so that they can get more energy for the whole day. There are some common benefits for the almond worldwide medically. Almond reduce the probability of heart attract. They have lower cholesterol so it is good to use daily. Even they protect the artery wall out of damage. It is highly useful to build strong bones and teeth for the human body. They are recommended to reduce the body weight they provide healthy fats and aid for weight loss in body. It helps to reduce the blood sugar range after the meals. Almond helps in providing good brain function. It helps to maintain nourish the complete nervous system of the body. It helps to increases the weight of the body because it contains alkalizes highly needed to the body.


Preparing method of macaroon

First add 1 ½ cups of silver almonds is grained  with that add a cup of sugar and grained again and 2 tsp of almond extract, few drops of vanilla flavour for the highlighting the flavour and taste. Then take 2 egg white already beaten ads some salt with that and whisk the egg mixture for making it smoothly. Then add the grained powder with the egg white and mixed. It will be resulted in paste like mixture then in a baking pan put the mixes in to small amount in 5*5 in a pan and baked in oven with 300 degree heat for 20 min until the golden brown colour is seen in the top. After baking the dishes leave it for 30 min for the cookies to change it state. Yes, it is ready to serve for snacks in your family. It is really delicious and tasty food prepared in home that is healthy also. It can be used with sauces and salad also.


Benefits of these dishes

This particular dish is very high in the proteins and vitamin in common it is helpful to the human body from heart attack. It has fibber content that is very useful to repair the damaged tissue in the skin cells. The skin can be repaired with the proper fibber and vitamin that is required. It has high vitamins E and vitamin B2 many rare minerals like zinc also present in the almond that is very useful for the human body. It consists of calories 132 for 1 cup of almond in 23 grams. It encompassed of biotin, magnesium and many more in it. It is commonly used in many dishes for garnishing. Due to the benefits given by the almond it is used in breakfast and snack in many countries. Most of the cookies manufacturing companies use almond in high ratio for the best result. It is very important in the maintaining the body blood sugar level in a normal range. It helps in avoiding the heart attack risk to the human. Due to its benefits it is highly recommended by doctors.