How To Make Flourless Chocolate Cake

Preparation of the chocolate cake without the flour

Cakes are the interesting recipes that can be prepared with the help of the different flavors and the fruits. Most of the people will like to eat the cakes. Children will like to eat the chocolate cakes that will make them happy. Many children will not like the chocolate cake because of the flour that is used in the chocolate cake. There are cakes that can be made without the flour. This makes the children to eat the cakes with excitement. This type of the cake is rich in taste and they will not feel the missing thing in that cake.

The cakes that are made without the flour will also be interesting and the children will like to eat those cakes. After preparing these cakes it easy for the serving and we need not to coat the surface with the cream. It is simply delicious to eat and most of the people will like to eat this sort of the cakes. After eating these cakes you will be amazed of its taste. Make sure that you are using the correct proportion of the items that will make your cake fluffy and delicious in a good form.


Preparation of the chocolate cake without flour

The preparation of the chocolate cake without the flour is simple and you will enjoy the taste of the cake after eating it. the ingredients that are used for this cake are, chocolate chips of one pound, make sure that the chips of semi sweet variety that you like, 1 cup of unsalted butter, quarter cup of the espresso if it is not in your home you can use the strong coffee, vanilla extract for ¼ tablespoon, 7 eggs, 1 cup of sugar, powdered sugar for seasoning, cake pan to bake the cake, molds if you need.

The cooking steps are place the sauce pan in the stove and heat it, add the chocolate chips and add it in the pan, add the unsalted butter in the pan, espresso and the vanilla extract. Now in the low heat melt these chocolate chips and the butter mixture that will yield you the sauce. In the beater beat the 7 eggs and sugar in the high speed so the eggs will become creamy. After beating the eggs and the sugar add the chocolate sauce while running the beater. Slowly the eggs and the chocolate sauce will mix together.


Baking the chocolate cake

After mixing the chocolate sauce and egg mixture arrange the mixture with the spatula. Pour the batter into the baking pans, in which the pans should be greased with the vegetable oil spray. Make sure that you are placing the butter paper in the bottom of the pan before pouring the batter into the pan.

Like that you can grease the small molds if needed. Finishing this step place the pan in the pre heated oven. The big cakes will take 50-55 minutes for cooking and the small cakes that are placed in the mold will take 15 minutes. After the cooking time we need to cool it and lose the edges of the cakes so that it will come from the pan easily. For seasoning add the powdered sugar over it and place the berries for the decoration. Serve it cool to attract the children.