Homemade Potato Chips

Homemade potato chips are a summer delight, and are much healthier compared to potatoes that are factory-made. Furthermore, when you make your own potato chips, you can add the seasoning that you would like for your own unique tasty chips.

To start with, it’s important that you pick potatoes that are as fresh as possible. Those potatoes which have been bought from the store, or refrigerated, are not the freshest choices available.

Rather potatoes that are grown from your own garden, or even purchased from a Farmer’s Market are some of the freshest potatoes that you will be able to come across. Other than the potatoes, it’s crucial that you find the right frying oil.

The proper frying oil needs to be able to withstand high-heat without scorching, or ruing the flavor. As such, high-heat Safflower oil is a recommended choice. The last ingredient needed is fresh sea salt.

The preparation and cooking equipment that will be needed is a mandolin potato slicer, a large cooking pot, and a hot oil thermometer. While you’re preparing the potatoes, you should pour enough oil in the pot to accommodate the potato wedges, and turn the heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit to preheat the oil.

You can observe the temperature of the oil by placing the oil thermometer into the pan, and securing it to the side. Once the oil does reach about 295 degrees Fahrenheit, you can turn the heat dial down to medium so that the heat will start to slowly descend to around 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meanwhile, to start, you should first wash each of the potatoes in warm water to remove any dirt or debris from the skins. Next, place the mandolin potato slicer on the lowest level, and place the potato in the holder. Slice the potato until it has been completely sliced into potato chip size wedges.

After the potatoes have been sliced, you can start by slowly dropping each potato wedge into the pot. However, it’s important not to put too many potato slices into the pan at a time to prevent them from cooking on to each other. A general rule is about a half of a potato per standard size cooking pot. It’s important to observe the oil temperature, and verify that it remains around 270 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

As the potato slices are cooking, it’s important for you to remember to move them around with a slotted spoon to keep them from sticking to one another. On the same note, the slotted spoon will also be used to remove the potato slices from the oil when done, as the holes allow excess oil to drain off.

It typically takes around a a couple minutes until they are golden brown. Again, the temperature is important for creating a potato chip. With the proper temperature, the oil will come to a slow, signifying it’s time to remove the potato chips.

If done right, the chips should be crispy and light golden brown. After the chips are removed, they can be placed on a plate with paper towels to help soak up the extra cooking oil. Lastly, you can sprinkle some fresh salt, or other seasoning over the chips for flavor. After cooling for a few minutes, your fresh homemade potato chips are ready to enjoy, and are delectable with whatever your favorite dip is.