How To Make Watermelon Candy Cane Cocktails

Watermelon cocktail is a delicious drink forever

Watermelon is a juicy fruit that is available around the year. It is highly useful to the human body. It consists of many nutrition and proteins in it. This fruit is very commonly known for the best medical use of it. It takes many important nutrition and many minerals in it. This fruit have fibber content in the skin of the fruit and it is very commonly used in preparation of the hair oil manufacturing companies. Even watermelon fruit seeds are used for many benefits to the skin it helps in repairing of the skin and make the skin tone to glow. Damaged cell or tissue in the skin can be repaired in the process of making the watermelon. It consist of vitamin C and vitamin E with copper and zinc very rare minerals available in the fruit it have high value in the medical field. This fruit is commonly used in the salad such as fruit salad, juices, jam and jellies. It is recommended by many doctors to take in daily food routine.


How to prepare

To prepare this recipe 4 cups of watermelon juices and 1 cup of pomegranate juice 1 box of cherry gelatine divided with peppermint schnapps and candy canes for garnishing the dishes. To prepare the cocktail combined watermelon juice and pomegranate juices in a bowl in that add 1 spoon of cherry flavour and mixed it then that mixer is placed chill; for 2 hours. Before the mixer gets cool prepare the cocktails for the using or serving the cocktail to your loved one. You can use small pieces of lime in side of the cocktails glass for the making a good looking in the process. Make the lime to be spines in the top edge of the glass tumbler and put it in the cherry flavour gelatine and add the peppermint in bottom of the glass then the cooled watermelon mixer is added with the peppermint in the glass tumbler. Finally add candy canes in the glass tumbler for the garnishing the cocktails. Yes it is ready to server to your friends and family. With a health food also a delicious flavour of watermelon and cherry is added.


Benefits of fruit

Many remove the seeds present in the watermelon by not knowing the medical value of the fruit. It is commonly seen but the seeds are high amount of calories and proteins.  Roasted seeds are used in the garnishing the fruit salad and other food dishes in the market. Most of the countries use seeds for the different uses. Hair oil manufacturing companies use this seeds in the manufacturing of the hair oil. It helps in reducing the hair fall and other hair related problems to the human. From the ancient days it is used for many benefits and uses around the world. This fruit is enjoyed in all the season for different reason because it is available around the year. You can use it in the preparation of Easter celebration or even for New Year.