The Secret to Grilled Brats

To make some great tasting grilled brats, you will first need to gather together some ingredients, and some cooking dishes. You will need a three to four inch skillet pan, a pot for boiling the brats in, 28 ounces of canned stewed tomatoes, a cup of freshly chopped bell pepper, one fresh white onion, one tablespoon of brown sugar, and two 32 ounce bottles of beer.

To begin, you can make the landing sauce in which the brats will sit in after cooking. To do this, you can pour the 28 ounces of canned stewed tomatoes, one cup of chopped green pepper, one tablespoon of brown sugar, and 32 ounces of beer into a three to four inch skillet pan. This can be put on low heat, while the brats are cooking.

The actual cooking of the brats will take place in a pot on the stove, while the grilling is merely to get cooking marks onto the brats, and to finish the overall cooking process.

To cook some great brats, you can fill your cooking pot with 32 ounces of beer to submerge the brats in. Afterwards, cut up the white onion, and add it into the cooking pot. You can then place the bratwurst into the cooking pot, and allow the temperature to gradually warm up. However, make it a point to not allow the beer to come to a boil, as this can cause steam to form in the casings of the bratwurst, which might lead them to burst open.

If they are to burst, the bratwurst meat will not have a casing, and isn’t as pleasurable to eat. Cook the brats for five to ten minutes, or as directed by the package directions. After the brats have been cooked, they may then be removed from the cooking pot and placed onto the grill.

It’s important for you not to cook the brats past their cook time, as this can result in steam forming in between the brat casings, which will cause the casings to rupture. To avoid this, the brats should be taken out of the cooking pot as soon as they’re finished cooking. An easy easy way to tell the bratwurst are done is that they’ll be firm to the touch when they’re cooked through.

You can then place your brats on the grill, and keep on eye on them so that they do not burn the meat from being on one side for too long. You should turn the brats every twenty to thirty seconds to ensure that the brats get nice grill marks, and finish cooking entirely. When turning the brats, you should use tongs so that you can have complete control over turning the bratwurst, without burning yourself. Additionally, cooking the brats between the bars is away to ensure they get nice grill marks.

After the brats have been cooked on the grill to completion, they may then be added to the landing pot, and allowed to keep warm until they are taken and put on a bun. The last step for people to do is to dress their bratwurst with their favorite toppings.

There are many different toppings that go great with bratwurst, and depending on the person, they may opt to choose more traditional topping ingredients to more lesser-known toppings. Some popular toppings include relish and mustard, onions and BBQ sauces, chili toppings, ketchup and pickles, sauerkraut and mustard, and many, many other variations of toppings are available.